Ice-Cream/Frozen Food Vending Machine

Frozone keeps your frozen treats at the perfect temperature, ensuring that they are always fresh and delicious. Whether you’re craving classic vanilla ice cream or something more adventurous like mango sorbet, Frozone has something for everyone.


Non Refrigerated Vending Machine

Sturdy machine for public spaces with all popular cashless methods and online management system. Get real-time updates of your machine at your dashboard.
Wendor Ambient is widely used for vending masks, PPE Kits, Dry Snacks and much more.


We custom design your machine

We excel in customizing vending machines, not just the hardware, but more importantly, the software as well.


Locker Vending Machine

Convenient and secure way to purchase and retrieve your products! With its innovative design, this machine offers a safe and efficient way to purchase items on-the-go.


Increase Sales

Customers see an increase in 40% sales of products due to our smooth system. The first machine in India which can vend 5 products in one go under 30 seconds hence increasing transaction size. Know demand analysis of products and meet expectations

Save Operational Costs 

Reduce transportation costs by knowing when refilling is needed and plan your routes accordingly. Reduce waste of items as fill only what is in demand. No commissions in between, earn from your sale and get money directly in your bank account.

Manage Your Business Online

Get machine downtime alerts, initiate refunds from the dashboard, get daily and monthly sales analytics so you know what is selling what is not? Track your refiller and reduce theft. Remotely manage your business online.

  • Simple Touch Interface

    Easy to use, hassle-free interface.
    Nothing could be simpler.

  • Multiple Cashless Payments

    Get all popular payment methods supported, so that you never miss a sale!

  • Inventory Management

    Manage your inventory at your fingertips. Know the status of your machine along with its refilling needs.

  • Sales Analysis

    Analyze your daily, weekly, monthly sales and know what customers demand more increasing your profits.

  • Trackability

    Dedicated Refill app, reduce theft by tracking and getting notifications for every refilling done.

  • Direct Bank Transfer

    Get money directly in your bank account. No commission, no charges.
    Simply earn what you sell.

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